Empire Plaster Moulding specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of ornamental plaster mouldings. Elegantly sculpted cornice mouldings, classical columns, pilasters and capitals, ceiling centerpieces as well as domes, niches, fret ceilings, brackets,indirect lighting coves, and mantels. We provide the resources required by Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and home owners for projects such as new construction, restoration and renovation. 
Our mission is to continue supplying the highest quality product and service including personal custom decorative design options and expert installation.

The advantages of contracting Empire Plaster are:

  • Personal service
  • The high quality of our plaster mouldings
  • The competitive pricing of our plaster mouldings
  • Ease of installation
  • Ability to meet all your moulding needs
  • Empire Plaster produces high quality architectural and ornamental plaster mouldings for use as interior decoration. We work closely with your architects, interior designers and builders to ensure that all the specifications and requirements of your project are met quickly, and that the mouldings we supply to you are of the highest quality. 

Our moulding process is very fast, enabling us to turnaround an order in a shorter time than most manufacturers, and to fulfill our orders quickly. Large orders are not a problem for us. 

We have established a great reputation among the architects, interior designers and builders we have worked with on all aspects of the interior design process, from drawing board to finished product. Whether fabricating short runs of ornamental decoration or fully fitting out new homes with custom plaster moulded elements, we have always satisfied our customers and exceeded their expectations.